Blankets From Blarney Woollen Mills; Hints & Tips

Here in Blarney Woollen Mills we love a good blanket! Blankets, or throws, have been a household favorite for many years. They are said to be invented by a man known as Mr. Thomas Blanket in Bristol, England in the early 1900’s. Since then they have been used for both their functional qualities and stylish looks. They help to create a cozy environment and are often used as decorative pieces in the home.

The throws featured in this image are the Aran Patchwork in Natural, the Wool Cashmere in Light Brown and the Wool Cashmere in tones of Grey.

A throw is used for its function, usually for its warming qualities. You can use it to curl up on the sofa with while watching TV or reading a good book, or placed on top of a bed providing an extra bit of warmth in the cold weather. By keeping the throws folded up in the room next to your sofa or bed they make a decorative statement while being ready to use whenever you want. This is a good way of storing your throws as it means that you always know where they are and they are not being creased or damaged.

Wool Cashmere in tones of Grey.

Throws work very well as stylish additions to the interior of a room such as a living room. By draping a throw on your sofa with a few cushions it helps to create a homey and comfortable environment. You could do this in the warmer months when you may not be using your throw to snuggle up with.

Aran Patchwork in Natural.

If you do not wish to use your throws in the warmer months of the year you can store them in a dry place such as an airing cupboard. We would not recommend that you ever machine wash your wool throws as this may cause some shrinkage or damage to the material. We would recommend dry cleaning your throws only to avoid any kind of damage such as shrinking, loss of color and shape. Keep in mind that the better the throws are treated the longer they will last. Lint will naturally occur in wool throws but you can always use a lint brush or sticky tape to help with removing the build-up of lint on your throw. A handy tip to freshen up a wool throw is to air it every now and again.

Storing your wool throws in a wardrobe or airing cupboard for a small amount of time will be fine but if you are not going to use them for a while, we would recommend storing them in an airtight bag making sure it is cleaned and brushed. This will keep the throws in a good condition and avoid any damage from moths.

Enjoy, and stay cozy!