Blarney Woollen Mills Capes Shoot

Honey Davis-Wilkinson Capes will be everywhere this year so needed to get in gear. Over the coming weeks we'll be putting up loads of wonderful new capes. The stock is in and the photoshoot done.

Yesterday was a typical grey Cork March day but there was nothing monochrome about our capes photoshoot with Elite London's Honey Davis-Wilkinson who had a brief but fun twenty one hours in the environs of Blarney, Co. Cork. Our target was to shoot an ambitious fifty pieces. We did it. Boy, it was a busy day.

Honey stayed at the Blarney Woollen Mills hotel. After a quick breakfast, I delivered her to Jorge Kosher's studio in Tower, Co. Cork. There Audrey Cashman set up hair and makeup for the day, creating the first of three looks.


Our collection is designed by Jim Upton, our lead designer. It's a classic take on sumptuous blankets, luxe ponchos and featherlight to chunky capes. They are long, short, sparkling, collared, cropped, wool, mixed blend with a nothing-spared ethos, in the vain of other Irish designers like Jimmy Hourihan. I'll have more pictures and info as we get closer to putting the collection live on


Camera/Studio: Jorg Koster
Hair & Make Up: Audrey Cashman
Stylist/Designer: Jim Upton
Stylist: Emma McDonald
Assistant Stylist: Phoebe Web
Talent: Honey Davis-Wilkinson