Introducing The Barley Twist - A Beautiful Take On The Traditional Aran Sweater

Introducing Woolmakerlane,, an Irish Knitter from rural Ireland who had just completed her take on the traditional Irish Sweater using our 100% Pure New Wool 3-Ply Yarn:

"I live in a small cottage in rural Ireland with my family. We care for two lively alpacas and two sedentary cats. I love all things "textile" but particularly knitting aran patterns and spinning my alpaca's wool."


Today my sweater, The Barley Twist, is ready for presentation and I have to say that I am extremely pleased with it. I wanted to knit a jumper using aran wool that gave a nod to aran design without being overcome with a pattern that was so dense with stitches that it was too heavy to wear. It’s a very simple shape with a roll neck, cuffs and base. The cable design, which goes up the front side, meets the same cable from the back of the jumper at the shoulder. I had been tempted to put a smaller cable up one of the sleeves but I’m glad now that I didn’t.


I used Blarney Woollen Mills Aran Handknitting Wool which I bought in Bunratty last November. It’s a beautiful shade of creamy white and as a wool it is very strong. On a scale of softness from one to ten I would give it a six. The jumper was knitted on 5. 5mm needles so I do expect it to keep its shape and hopefully it won’t pill so easily as can happen with softer wools and looser knits.

I thought that I would have this jumper completed quickly but as I was knitting from scratch I had to be meticulous with measurements and numbers so it took a lot longer than anticipated. Luckily I’ve kept good notes so that if I wanted to make another it would be a much swifter affair. Alongside this creation other events requiring a quickly knitted hat or baby cardy kept coming up and so the inevitable diversions occurred.

I chose the name Barley Twist because the colour of the wool resembles growing barley and, of course, the twist part refers to the cables.


I’m really looking forward to wearing it on a cool evening.

Kindly shared for re-publication and originally posted on Woolmakerlane. You can sign up for her blogs and posts about knitting, spinning and life with alpacas here

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Happy Knitting!