Know your glass, know your drink – Whether it’s an Irish Coffee or a dram of whiskey, the right glass makes all the difference.

Highball Glass
A highball glass is a glass tumbler that can contain .1 to 11.8 US fl oz and used to serve highball cocktails and other mixed drinks. The main difference between a highball glass and an old fashioned glass, is that it's taller. These glasses are ideal for carbonated drinks especially. Any sort of soda combo is ideal for these highball glasses.

American Pint
This glass is a simple cylindrical shape that gradually widens at the top. It is generally used for lagers and ales

Pilsner Glass
This glass is an ideal fit for a Pilsner beer, and also works well for German beers allowing the lovely color of the brew to form and a lovely foamy head for the beer.

Snifter Glass
Often called a brandy balloon this glass consists of a short stem and and wide bottom that works it's way to a narrower top. The advantage of the wide base allows the liqueur to be swirled allowing the aroma to release. This is an ideal glass for strong ales, brandy and scotch ales.

Beer Mugs and Steins
Large sized beer mugs and steins are an ideal companion to lagers, stouts and red ales. These mugs have thick glass to keep the beer cool while the large handle allows the heat of your hand to keep away from the glass allowing the beverage to stay cooler longer and hold it's flavor.

White Wine Glass
These tulip shaped glasses are ideal for white wine as the smaller glasses help keep the wine cool and the long stem allows you to hold the glass without your hands heating it up.

Red Wine Glass
Red wine glasses are traditionally larger shaped bowl increasing the area of the liquid to allow for the aroma of the wine to release.

The term goblet is mostly used to refer to a glass that is used for water; hence, it is also known as a water goblet. A water goblet usually is usually larger in size; it has a wide rim and a deep bowl. The glass is also thicker than an average wine glass.

Old Fashioned Glasses
The old fashioned, or rocks, glass is named for the most renowned drink served: the old fashioned cocktail. Generally you will find 2 variants of this glass, the old fashioned and double old fashioned glass. An old fashioned glass is used ideally for any drinks poured over ice and mixed in the same glass. A traditional old fashioned glass holds 6–8 ounces, whereas a double can hold 12–14.

Flutes are an ideal shape for ensuring that your drink stays carbonated. The long stem allows you to hold the drink without the heat of your hand warming the beverage and affecting the bubbles and carbonation of the drink.

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