Gift Giving – The Golden Rules

Buying a gift for that special person in your life can be a precarious often dangerous task. A wrong turn might have you looking for another Tinderella or worse! So what do to?

  • Don’t buy something that you'll be hated you for – the gift you buy must not be something you can use or even enjoy. It’s not for you so you have you look at it from their perspective. That t-shirt with a smiling Donald Trump isn’t going to cut it. Stay away from politics or anything controversial. There are landmines everywhere, be careful.
  • Money is no obstacle – While it is true that it’s not about how much you spend but how wisely, a gift which lightens your wallet will earn brownie points. Sometimes money matters.
  • What does he or she love? If there is a hobby or sport or interest, you have a simple path to gifting nirvana. Fisher Price keeps churning out train sets because children love them. Keep it simple. If you have an easy win, take it and move on.
  • Christmas gifts for newborns are pointless – don’t go there. It’s not a substitute for gifting the mother or father and it won’t be remembered by the newborn.
  • Brands work – What are their favourite often overpriced brands? Another easy win. Even if they do not use the product they’ll buy into the lifestyle element. Furthermore, by knowing the brands they follow you’ll have demonstrated that you actually thought about the gift rather than simply buying something expensive.
  • Make it personal – an inscription or message requires thought which is good. If you are buying a pendant put a little note on it. You’ll need to order well before the holidays. It takes time to personalise.
  • Don't take no for an answer – Once you know what they want get it, no matter what the challenges. If there is something that can be done - ordering it from another store, putting one aside from the delivery, or even tracking one down online - you have the skills to convince them to do it. Use them wisely.
  • Be prepared for feedback – It’s expensive, nicely wrapped and thoughtful but you’ll get the truth eventually. Even if she hates it, the chances are in a week she’ll be in love with it - either that or it'll have been exchanged for something else. Gifting is not the realm of snow flakes, you have to roll with the punches.
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Dublin Cape Here are a few ideas from -

  1. Molly Aran Sweater - This is a classic five gauge Aran crewneck sweater and a best seller for us.
  2. Dublin Cape – A wonderful piece by Jimmy Hourihan, made with Irish wool and cashmere.
  3. Fisherman Snood – Made in Donegal with a little cashmere. Great handle.
  4. Ogham Pendant – Get personal with Ogham writing. Why not?
  5. Aran Christmas Throw - It's the festive season. Get one.

Blarney Christmas Tree